Electrical Engineering & Design

A summary of the electrical engineering and design services provided includes:

                    Power Distribution Systems Design

                    Design and Specification for Motor Control Equipment

                    Control Console and Panel Design

                    Lighting Distribution and Layout

                    (PLC) Programmable Logic Controller Applications

                    Gas Detection/ Fire Detection/ Fire Suppression Systems Configuration

                    (DCS) Distributed Control Systems for Process Control

                    Emergency/Standby Power Systems

                    Electrical Heat Tracing Systems

                    Telemetry and Communication Systems

                    Preparation of (O&M) Operation and Maintenance Manuals

                    On Site QA/QC and Management Services

All of our projects are complemented with full documentation including: detailed drawings and schematics, specifications, bill of material, wire, cable, conduit, motor and lighting schedules, and on-site inspection services during construction.