Electric Heat Trace & Design

E/I Mark Engineering Ltd has extensive experience with electric heat tracing in both commercial and industrial applications. 

The following is a summary of EHT services available.

  • Consulting services

  • Design

                    Freeze Protection

                    Process Heating and Control In Utilization of Verity of

                    Heat Trace Products:

      Self Regulated Cables

      Power Limiting Cables

      Mineral Insulated Cables

      Tubing Bundles

      Immersion Heaters

      H-Q Plate Heaters

      Steam Tracing Systems

  • Inventory and database

  • Auditing

  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting

  • Other

Well conversant with various products and systems of Tracer, Raychem, Pyrotenax and Thermon Electrical Heat Tracing